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4.8 from 1 clients


We are Merixstudio - a software house from Poznań/Poland. Our core competencies are rich web application development, UI/UX design (focused on RWD and modern branding) and HTML5 game development. In our team, there are more than 60 high-skilled specialists - Front-End Developers, UI/UX Designers, Python/PHP Developers, Testers, and PMs.

51 to 100 employees $51 to $75 per hour

4.7 from 3 clients

STX Next

We are Europe’s Python Powerhouse. With over 200 Python, JS and Full-Stack developers we help CTOs, CEOs, and Heads of Engineering leverage external software development teams to help build outstanding digital products. Aside from Python/JS, our services include Product Design, DevOps, React Native Mobile development and Machine Learning.

201 to 350 employees $26 to $50 per hour

0 from 0 clients

Blue Owl

Blue Owl is a modern web & mobile development software house, implementing projects in the field of broadly understood digital world. Our team is a unique combination of artistry and creativity in design, with specific technical and technological knowledge and knowledge of hard business realities.

less than 10 employees $26 to $50 per hour

0 from 0 clients


We communicate to understand your needs. We work with you closely to make sure your needs are fulfilled. Your satisfaction makes us happy. We start projects but we also take over existing projects that need new features, or others failed to deliver.

11 to 20 employees $26 to $50 per hour

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Software House Apptension

Digital is our playground. From web apps to chatbots, we combine our technical expertise with product mindset.

21 to 50 employees $26 to $50 per hour

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RESTGroup is a company operating since 2018. We are software producers - RESTGroup is a Software House. We build our software with the greatest care and commitment. We develop and prepare mobile applications and internet applications moreover our products are carefully tested. We help and deal with other IT services.

less than 10 employees $15 to $25 per hour

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JCommerce is a Polish IT consulting and development company, offering the knowledge and skills of 400 IT software engineers, testers, consultants, architects and administrators. Since 2005 JCommerce has been delivering IT teams and projects to international customers from 19 countries.

351 to 600 employees $26 to $50 per hour

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At NextApps, we have 10+ years of expertise in building over 100 of projects for financial institutions. We led development teams in one of the most innovative banks in Poland. Now we’re using our experience from financial sector to support startups and corporates in building best-in-class financial applications and systems.

21 to 50 employees Less than $15 per hour

4.6 from 2 clients

Espeo Software

Espeo is a software house dedicated to high-quality product development (including blockchain development), design and testing. For the past 8 years, we’ve been successfully crafting market-leading web and mobile products designed to accelerate the growth of our customers. We also offer approachable blockchain training in your office.

51 to 100 employees $51 to $75 per hour


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