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Quanterall is a software and hardware development company, specialized in the creation of innovative, scalable and high-performance end-to-end customized solutions.

51 to 100 employees Visit Website


4.3 from 2 clients

Appchance is a software house which specializes in building mobile and web apps, IoT solutions, API and CMS systems. Our company designs high-quality digital products for businesse..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Appchance is great company that build our application website and strategy. There are fully engaged, helpful and i can rely that when we have some task to do, t.. — Olga Dukat, New Business Development, MyPhsar


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Based in Bangalore, India, Userfacet is a trusted UX design partner for many Fortune 100 companies and have executed over 200 projects of Fortune 100 companies.

21 to 50 employees Visit Website


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We are one of the only companies that provides full suite of services tailored to the on demand, social , discovery , messaging and shopping platforms. In the past months we have k..

less than 10 employees Visit Website

Solid Performers


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Delivering excellence in Software R&D, Application Management, Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and BPO for clients worldwide, Infopulse has built a reputation of a trusted f..

1001 and Above Visit Website


5 from 1 clients

Pioneers in Mobile/Web App development with over 9 years of experience. Experts in building enterprise-level mobile/web apps, designed for performance, security, and scalable archi..

101 to 200 employees Visit Website

Good company. Great team to work with. Very professional. — Founder, e-commerce Company

Gleecus TechLabs

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Gleecus TechLabs is a Forward Thinking Digital Innovation Company. We develop digital products and solutions with a People First approach that drives success. We take a consultativ..

201 to 350 employees Visit Website

Cognitive Clouds

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We help top startups and companies build remarkable web, mobile and tablet products. The products we build help early stage startups raise millions and established companies crush ..

less than 10 employees Visit Website


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Serokell specializes in developing complex tailor-made software systems for businesses and individuals. We are able to leverage your processes with authomation, combining Haskell, ..

51 to 100 employees Visit Website


Kreeti Technologies

4.3 from 1 clients

Kreeti Technologies leverages extraordinary technical talent to find digital solutions for various business domains across the world. We provide high quality, high speed and high i..

51 to 100 employees Visit Website

Easy to work with and very professional. Quality of work and very swift. Takes leads as requested — Jay Shraff, Owner, Mandala Trading Pty Ltd

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