How we analyse & rank, top software companies

What Metrics We Check?

Certifications & Partnerships

Professional certifications and partnerships guaranties certain standards and constraints which companies practices to improve their processes and technical capabilities.

Client's Reputation

To know a company, know their customers. We monitor reputation of each clients to rank a software company. This also help to avoid unauthentic feedbacks.

Client Feedback

We ask opinion about the experience with the company like deadline, support, technical level etc. Reviews written by clients are published instantly without editing.

Projects & Technical Expertise

Companies who are updated with today's standards can build outstanding projects. We check complexity of projects and the system automatically grade them.

And more Factors

Company registration documents

Number of office locations and MNC status

Check social data & news coverage

Client base and distinct client locations

Number of successful projects/works

Years of experience in the relevant industry

Cost effectiveness of projects done

Public likeness and customer support

And, We calculate score for each industry, each technology, each city; each and every metric of a company which you care for.