Debt collection application

The project is developed to ease the debt collection process for the customers. After registering the case with the website the customer is able to send reminders, receive notifications, track the payment details and generate all related documents.

  • web designing
  • web development


Project Size

$10,001 to $25,000

Technologies Used

  • angular.js
  • codeigniter



online services Company

Magnor, Norway

Company Size : less than 10 employees

By CEO, online services Company

Successive have been highly adaptable, dynamic and pleasant to work with. I have had high demands and lots of wishes, and they have come through on every one of them. Their deep understanding of my project have resulted in their developers bringing to the table a lot of very good suggestions for better ways of solving various issues than I myself have been able to come up with. So they aren't simply "doing their jobs", but are in fact deeply committed to their clients end success, which is great! Our application is a complex debt collection system for the Norwegian market, and they have solved the task better than one could ever imagine a company on the other side of the world would be able to. They have gone the extra mile for me, and created a system which attracts new customers by its user friendliness, design and functionalities. I would highly recommend their services, as they are a professional, hard working, passionate and fun company to have a relationship with. They are my number one choice for all things IT, and will continue to be so. Anyone who choose them as their development partner is in very good hands.

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