Driver App for US Startup

This app is exclusively built for a startup in USA providing customers with Logistics and Delivery Facilities. This app is for their drivers to manage them properly. Core features of the app includes Google Maps integration, Status Updates, Route Optimization, Cloud Connectivity, etc.

  • android app development
  • ios app development
  • native mobile app development


Project Size

$10,001 to $25,000

Technologies Used

  • django
  • java
  • mongodb
  • nodejs
  • php
  • xml


Jaime Cariallo

Founder & CEO, Quelly Solutions

Texas City, United States

Company Size : less than 10 employees

By Jaime Cariallo, Founder & CEO, Quelly Solutions

Brainbox Apps team is unique. I have worked with other companies in the past from India, China and other parts of the world. This team has by FAR the best customer service I have experienced with a tech development company. They will go above and beyond and most important they care that your project ends up being successful for the end customers. They really understand how businesses work and they know if the product they develop is successful you will come to Akshat's team to develop more projects! I am extremely happy! They do the changes necessary to make the product/website/app beautiful, useful, and productive. They care so much about your business that they will make suggestions which to me is very important because they are the experts when it comes to programming! We will start the next project with them soon!

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