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edatalia data solutions

Electronic signatures are legally binding in Europe and nearly 100 countries around the world: Contracts and agreements, informed consents, and lots of kinds of documents can be signed legally. Digital handwritten signature is an advanced electronic signature. edatalia.com, since 2003, designs and develops signature solutions for eDoc.

less than 10 employees Less than $15 per hour

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Bitext Innovations SL

Bitext develops multilingual analytics technology in 30 languages. The company takes an approach to text analysis, using linguistic knowledge as a scientific base.

21 to 50 employees Less than $15 per hour

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The Mobile Bakery

It’s an oven. Where we put everything to be cooked in the right measures at the correct timing. The smell of fresh strategies, code fillings and light designs are all around our offices, and believe us, smells damn good!

11 to 20 employees $26 to $50 per hour

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Bynder is a branding automation and marketing solution designed to build, manage and scale brands globally. Run as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Bynder is an integrated solution that enables brand managers to achieve end-to-end brand consistency. We are the leading branding automation solution and powers over 300 brands worldwide.

101 to 200 employees $51 to $75 per hour

3.8 from 1 clients


Ciklum is a top-five global Software Engineering and Solutions Company. We deliver software engineering excellence to Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations around the world. Our 3,000+ Developers provide the clients with a range of services including Software development teams, QA, R&D, IoT, Big Data, Product development and Consulting.

1001 and Above $26 to $50 per hour


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