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Sloboda Studio

4.9 from 6 clients

Sloboda Studio provides custom software development services targeting at sophisticated web sites. Customers can create their own dedicated team at Sloboda's office by selecting an..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

I have been extremely happy to have Sloboda Studio working by my side. — Ulrik Nash, Founder, Aquinium

Rubyroid Labs

5 from 4 clients

Rubyroid was founded in 2013 by two passionate Ruby developers. With a team of 33 full stack Ruby developers, our focus is to: build custom Web and Mobile Apps, rebuild and support..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

In collaboration with Pocket Rocket Creative Agency, Rubyroid Labs created the app achieved several downloads, high rankings in the App Store and Google Play as.. — Account Director, marketing & advertising Company


5 from 3 clients

We provide a wide range of IT services: web development, mobile app development, dedicated team in various industries, including recruiting, healthcare, mobile learning, e-commerce..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Thoughtful project management and qualified developers team helped us to build strong an effective product. We're really thankful to Brocoders for their great j.. — Evgeniy Ursalov, Founder, Casers


4.9 from 3 clients

JetRockets is a technology consulting firm that architects, designs, develops and supports enterprise-level web, mobile and software platforms helping clients achieve their goals a..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Just over a year ago I googled for "ruby on rails team” and found In 5 minutes after studying the homepage, I wrote a letter to the guys and by.. — Arkady Akulov, CEO, Prophotos, LTD

Solid Performers


4.9 from 4 clients

The bee metaphor goes a long way. Easy travel and the growing ease of communication means that we can buzz around to any place on the Globe. We work closely with our clients in the..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Super great contractor! — Liviu Irinescu, CEO, Newton


5 from 3 clients

We develop and maintain web/mobile applications for startups, enterprises and tech teams. We specialize in top-tier development using Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Angular, ReactJS.

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Square63 is committed to partnering with its customers. We consider them professional and reliable. Having worked with multiple vendors, we can confidently sta.. — CEO, online services Company

Roobykon Software

5 from 2 clients

Our ultimate goal is to deliver turnkey solutions: Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Booking, BlaBlaCar, Upwork, MVP, E-commerce platforms for our clients. Using all o..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

As the CEO of CasaTropical i begin a huge fan of Roobykon's work. Thanks to them we could finish our MVP and prepare it for scale. We consider them part of our .. — Floris Abraham, CEO, Casa Tropical


4.8 from 2 clients

DigiFutura is an award winning web and mobile application development. The company is suiting the needs of users today by triumphing over the initial hiccups of educating the App ..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Good service overall, main is communication which was good with us. — Bhaskar, CEO, Homes At Hand

Bixby Apps

5 from 1 clients

Bixby Apps is a mobile app development agency providing services to Fortune 500 Companies, startups and celebrities. Bixby Apps works with clients like BMW, Amazon, NBA, MGM Resort..

11 to 20 employees Visit Website

Bixby Apps did a great job on creating the MLife Insider App. We had an extremely tight deadline and they met it, actually finishing the app ahead of time. In.. — Technology Manager, entertainment Company


Active Bridge

4.8 from 2 clients

Active Bridge is a premium web development company, providing Ruby on Rails technology to build a qualitative multi-functional product in short time. Having a great experience in ..

51 to 100 employees Visit Website

Active Bridge is a really good partner to build reliable and quality software — Julie Freeman, Co-founder and COO at Freestak Ltd, Freestak

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