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More than a decade, we have dedicated our time on technology and design, building digital products to our clients all across the globe. We are a team of thinkers, programmers and make-it-happeners solving your challenges with tomorrow’s technology. Shaping new technologies by defining a new trend to web and mobile based applications.

Works done by Cynere

Stores Next Door

android app development, ios app development,

Users can look for nearby shops and search for discounts and new arrivals. And if they are interested they can directly make a call or give a message to them.

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Technologies used

  • angular.js
  • ionic
  • swift

Social Wifi Application

software development, web designing, web development,

Say if you are a restaurant, hotel or any business which offers free wifi to your customers - This Project enables your customers to login to your wifi zone using their social media accounts. Your customers need to "checkin" or "like" your facebook page to access internet. The result - an immediate social media engagem...

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Technologies used

  • angular.js
  • bootstrap
  • c#
  • mongodb

Medical Diagnosis Software

software development, web development,

This software applications is for clinics to make better diagnosis of problems related to skin and hair. And to prescribe remedy to customers with the help of similar cases.With the help of a digital microscope which is attached to the software, the technician can take magnified pictures of hair or skin.

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Technologies used

  • .net
  • azure
  • sql server