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Zend framework is an open source PHP framework for developing web applications. Zend was introduced by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski. It has a powerful library which has components that form powerful and extensible web application framework. It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks.

Zend Studio is an IDE that includes features to integrate with Zend Framework. It provides MVC view and code generation. Zend framework provides an advanced Model-view-controller implementation that can be used to establish a basic structure for Zend framework applications.

The companies which use Zend framework are

Globant SA


The Nerdery

Coalition Technologies

Model - It is a part of your application that defines its basic functionality behind a set of abstractions. Data access routines and some business logic can be defined in the model.

View - Views define exactly what is presented to the user. Usually, controllers pass data to each view to render in some format. Views will often collect data from the user, as well. This is where you're likely to find HTML markup in your MVC applications.

Controller - Controllers bind the whole pattern together. They manipulate models, decide which view to display based on the user's request and other factors, pass along the data that each view will need, or hand off control to another controller entirely. 

The platform is characterized by remarkable concepts like loose coupling, unit testing, and UI design patterns. We, at Zend India, have created a niche in giving end-to-end solutions for businesses with Zend Framework. 

Zend is an object-oriented open source platform which comes packed with a range of impeccable features such as flexible modules, reusable code, flexibility, reprehensibility, security, and much more. Some of the salient features of Zend Framework is as follows:

Pure object-oriented web application framework

Advanced MVC implementation

Supports multi-databases including PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.,

Simple cloud API

Session management

Data encryption

Flexible URI Routing

Zend provides RESTful API development support

Code reusable and easier to maintain.

Zend Framework is a collection of 60+ components. They are loosely connected with each other. They can be used as both stand-alone components as well as a group of components working as a single unit. Zend Framework provides three most important components, which are

Zend-service manager

Zend-event manager 

Zend-module manager

There are a number of Zend companies around the world which can provide you with better applications. But choosing the right one as per your project requirements is a difficult task. Here we have a list of top companies which we selected based on certain conditions.

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