Top 10 certified magento developers

Magento is an open source CMS for e-commerce websites. It was developed by Varien.Inc.  and it is a combination of Zend framework and MVC architecture. It is an object-oriented PHP Framework that can be used to develop modern, dynamic web applications that tap into Magento's powerful eCommerce features.

It follows MVC architecture in which model, view and controller are used to split up your codes and make code management easier and simpler. To handle bigger e-commerce system, it has added more sub-blocks to the MVC architecture. The model has 2 parts such as model and collection. The view is split into 3 parts: Block, layout and templates.

 The templates are the plainly HTML codes usually saved as phtmls with PHP tags to prints data and do some basic loops and some javascript calls. Blocks are used to lower the burden on central controller and make different views in a module more independent. In order to know which blocks go with which template and in order to define which block is nested in which we need the layout. the central controller has the layout which defines the blocks and the templates it contains.

 The core of Magento contains all the functionalities in the downloaded version. The core code is a collection of modules developed or certified by the Magento core development team. Local extensions are customizations of Magento which reside only on a user’s local copy. These extensions will be placed in a local folder so that they do not interfere with upgrades to the core code and in order to differentiate them from community contributions. 

Community contributions reside in community folders when local extensions, by keeping them separate from the core code Magento store owners are able to enjoy the additional functionality without compromising the ability to upgrade to future Magento versions.

There are 2 kinds of blocks in Magento

1.structured block

2.content block

These are the benefits of Magento for the e-commerce website development


2.Available in 3 flavours

3.SEO Edge

4.Developer friendly

5.Multiple store management

6.Marketing tools




10.Mobile friendly

Choosing the best Magento companies in Ukraine among millions of companies is a difficult task. Searching in Google will result you with many options. We are here to help you with the top companies which can provide you better services. We select the companies based on certain basic criteria. These are the conditions we look for while selecting the best company

1.Quality of work



4.Clients feedback



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