Suggested list of Grails companies

Before you start choosing your Grail developer, make sure that you have good knowledge about your requirements of the project. Grails companies are available everywhere but to find the perfect partner for your project is a difficult task. We listed some of the top companies in Qatar based on some factors.

Grails is an open source framework based on Groovy and Java. It is a dynamic object-oriented programming language for the Java platform. It is compiled to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecode and integrates with all existing Java classes and libraries. Grails uses a MVC web application framework. It includes three core framework components: 


There is a single Spring MVC controller called SimpleGrailsController which handles all Grails controller requests. It is responsible for transferring the domain to view, also determines which GSP should render the view.


Domain stores the data that can be used by controllers and views. Controllers might create a model or maybe just process them.

Groovy server pages

Groovy server pages create a view for the client response. GSP is responsible for how to display the model to the user. It could use grails tags besides any other UI grails plugin.

Grails builds on several well-established software frameworks and combines their functionality via Groovy. These frameworks include Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE, JEE), spring, Hibernate and Quartz. 

Some of the features of Grails are shown below

1.Grails web application framework supports Scaffolding, which helps developers to quickly create an application with CRUD functionalities.

2.It is compatible and easily integrates with Java code. It simplifies their software development activity.

3.Grails offers 700+ plugins, which is developed by the core development team and enthusiastic Grails application developers. It improves the integration and reduces the effort of software developers.

4. It is very easy to modularize and reuse view layer. It is very simple to write a tag in Grails, these tags can also be written in Java.

5.Grails web application framework utilizes a well-defined mechanism to reload and apply all changes made during the application development process, which reduces software development time.

Grails are used by some of the most valuable brands around the world. Some of them are


Epic Games



Wells Fargo

American Express

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