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A Native application is a software program that is developed to use in a particular platform or device. It has the ability to fully integrate with the capabilities of both the hardware and the OS on which it resides. It is analogous to most PC applications, which are downloaded to a computer hard drive and executed within that machine.

The mobile app developer utilizes an SDK from the hardware manufacturer directly or via the mobile device’s OS vendor. The IDE helps the developer to code the mobile application logic and take advantage of any hardware or OS functionality that is available via the exposed APIs.It saves time by automating UI creation and providing more complete run-time and the compile-time error detection.

The native app can utilize OS features and services such as the file system, and network drivers through the APIs. It can interact also with built-in resources such as contacts, multimedia files, calendars, email, browsers,...Lower-level APIs provide direct access to specific hardware capabilities such as screen gestures, virtual and hard buttons, sliders, graphics, the audio system, GPS, accelerometers and so on.

Native mobile apps also have full access to the proprietary graphical user interface widgets and functions through a proprietary development environment due to its relationship with the execution platform. Here are some of the features of Native apps.

Built-in features:

It is easier to work with and also performs faster on the device since it works with the Built-in features such as GPS, camera, and movement detector. A native mobile app provides its users such functionalities that are unique to the smartphone.


Native apps are safe and secure since it can use security features on the mobile. It will get full support from the app store and marketplace.


Native apps run with the highest performance since they run directly on the platform without any intermediaries.


It needs regular updates since it works in standalone mode. Some apps are configured to update themselves automatically and the user sends a notification.

User experience: 

The ability to directly access UI components of specific platforms means that apps can seamlessly blend with the operating environment. Native UI layout and functionality also matches the platform.


Native apps have direct access to all a mobile device’s features including ones that are unique to the platform. These include graphics hardware, motion, location, proximity, visual and audio sensors. 


Different devices need entirely different variations of native apps. The apps on different devices may also be running different versions, and so the look and feel of the user interface may be different if a user switches devices. Maintaining and supporting apps on many devices is cumbersome in native apps.

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