Internet of Things development companies

IoT, Internet of Things is a network of smart devices which exchange data between them. With the internet connectivity, they can connect together. It has the capability to collect and transfer data between devices without the human intervention. The embedded technology in the objects helps them to interact with internal states or the external environment which affects the decision taken.

The device should have an embedded sensor which can capture and generate data. In between the network, there will be wireless transmitters and receivers that can connect even larger networks. There will be software applications that analyze and process all the collected data and initiate appropriate actions.

Here is some of the real world applications where IoT applies

1.Smart home

Smart home has become popular for its automatic features. Without human intervention, it is capable of controlling lighting, heating, and working electronic equipment remotely. It uses the technology which handles and automate household systems.


Wearable devices are installed with sensors and software which collect data and information about the users. This data is later pre-processed to extract essential insights about the user which includes fitness, health and entertainment requirements.


The vehicle which is able to optimize its own operation, maintenance as well as the comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity.

4.Industrial internet

Smart machines are more accurate and consistent than humans in communicating through data. Thus various companies nowadays are using robots to carry on the tasks.

5.Smart cities

 Smart surveillance, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security and environmental monitoring all are examples of the internet of things applications for smart cities. This will solve major problems faced by the people living in cities like pollution, traffic congestion and the shortage of energy supplies etc.

6. Agricultural uses

It is a hi-tech system of growing food cleanly and sustainable for the masses. a system is built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors and automating the irrigation system. The farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere.


The Internet of things has numerous applications in healthcare like monitoring,  to smart sensors and medical device integration. It keeps the track on analysis of an individual’s health.


Smartphones will be the way for retailers to remain connected with their consumers even out of the store. They can also track consumers path through a store and improve store layout and place premium products in high traffic areas.

Choosing the right IoT platform is an important decision that you need to make before you start the project. The market is flooded with IoT companies which is capable of giving the best services to its clients. We have a list of top IoT companies around the world. We have selected some companies among the millions of companies based on certain factors like user experience, authentication and security, ease of use, and device management.

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