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Drupal is an open source content management system which helps to organize, manage and publish the content. A content management system is a software that helps you manage digital content. It is a web application that allows one or more users to create, edit, publish, and control access to a website using a graphical user interface (GUI). Content management systems use a database to store the content and a scripting language to dynamically build the HTML needed to present the content to a web browser.

Datasource controllers provide definitions of and function related to item types. They control how items of a certain type are loaded and keep track of what items there are of a certain type. Each item type is associated with exactly one datasource controller. The index acts as the primary interface to modules outside of the Search API. The functionality will stay the same when switching an index to a different server. The item type is selected and stays the same over the entire lifetime of the index. Each item type is provided by a certain data source controller, which is responsible for loading items of that type. Each index is associated with a server, or with none at all. If it isn't associated with a server, the index cannot be used.

Drupal is considered the best CMS tool to create blogs, forums, e-commerce, CRM, intranets, social networks, news aggregators, wikis, photo galleries, restaurant review sites, and so on. Have a look at some general features:

Content organizer

It allows you to classify content into various categories and organizes it for better management. User permission is another efficient feature of Drupal.

SEO friendly

Drupal enables companies to come forward with search engine friendly websites. Drupal’s Web development tools are aligned to manage Website SEO effortlessly. They display the content in a way that search engines find irresistible.


It considers each element of a website as an object and has security algorithms working for every element. Drupal is the most secured Content Management Systems, at least while considering the PHP based systems.

Mobile friendly

The latest version of Drupal is created to foster mobile devices, providing out of the world responsive experiences across screens of different resolutions and provide wide support to smartphone apps. It includes a new, fully administrative toolbar with responsive themes. The responsive design is suitable for any device.

Built-in web services

Being a multilingual platform, There is a need to access various data sources. Drupal with its version 7 and above has implemented Hypertext Application Language (HAL) that makes exploitation of web service capabilities less painful.

Community support

Drupal allows you to categorize your content through URL addresses, paths, making your own lists. This structure makes for easy management, search and reuse of the content.

It is a tricky part to pick the best Drupal development company to build your website. There are some factors involved in selecting the right Drupal development company. Here is a look at the basic but very important factors that you need to keep in mind in order to find the best Drupal development company for your website:



3.Support and maintenance


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