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Android is a powerful mobile operating system which supports a large number of applications. It is an open source Linux based operating system for mobile applications owned by Google. This operating system powers most of the smartphones and tablets nowadays. Cupcake, lollipop, KitKat, gingerbread,... are the various versions of the Android operating system.

Android is created for touchscreen devices like smartphones,  tablet computers, a specialized user interface for Android TV, Android-enabled vehicles, and android wear. Android applications are available in stores such as Google play, slideME, opera mobile store, Amazon, F-droid, Mobango. The Android operating system follows a layered architecture approach.

Linux kernel

It consists of all low-level drivers which make the foundation of the Android platform. Linux kernel is responsible for memory, process management, threading, driver model, network stack,...

Android runtime

The Android runtime consists of the Dalvik Virtual Machine which is basically a virtual machine to run the android application. It consumes less memory and provides fast performance. The Dalvik VM makes use of Linux core features like memory management and multi-threading.


WebKit, OpenGL, FreeType, SQLite, Media, C runtime library etc.are libraries.SQLite Library used for data storage and light in terms of mobile memory footprints and task execution.WebKit Library provides Web Browsing engine and so on.

Android framework

It includes Android APIs such as User Interface, telephony, resources, locations, Content Providers and package managers. Developers have full access to the same framework APIs used by the core applications.

Activity manager Controls all aspects of the application lifecycle and activity stack.

windows manager manages windows and drawing surfaces, and is an abstraction of the surface manager library.

Resource manager  Provides access to non-code resources such as localized Strings, bitmaps, Graphics and Layouts.

Notification manager enables apps to display custom alerts in the status bar.


All applications such as home, contact, settings, games, browsers are using the Android framework that uses android runtime and libraries. This layer uses all the layers below it for the proper functioning of these mobile apps.

There are many advantages for android apps over other operating systems

supports 2D, 3D graphics

supports multiple languages

java support

faster web browser

supports MP4, 3GP, MPEG4, MIDI

additional hardware support

open source framework

updated user interface design

Android app development companies provide design, development and testing services for mobile apps. Over the last few years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of devices running on the Android OS. Thus the number of android developing companies has also increased. We are here to provide you with a list of companies which can successfully take your project as per your requirements.

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