Biz-cen - Real Estate Online Platform

We've built a counterpart of the Airbnb website, but specifically designed for the office segment of commercial real estate. The service has become a leader in its segment. Thousands of customers use the service every month to search for an office. The process automation allowed them to build a remote sales department, reducing production costs by 167%. Read more -

  • web designing
  • web development


Project Size

$5001 to $10,000

Technologies Used

  • javascript
  • php
  • yii


Grisha Maslak

CFO, Biz-cen

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Company Size : 21 to 50 employees

By Grisha Maslak, CFO, Biz-cen

Vasterra developed our MVP. First, they gathered information from us, and then we built it together. After that, we decided to build the whole website. We also built an ERP system with them that includes different models that helped us to automate our business. Additionally, they helped us develop a mobile app to help our brokers send a presentation to our potential lenders. The app is built for both iOS and Android. The app is very user-friendly. Our conversion rate of brokers has also increased. We collected all the information on how our business process looks from a broker’s perspective. The project decreased the amount of time that workers need to send a PDF presentation to potential lenders. They implemented a lot of different settings that work a line with our business processes. Project management worked well. Their project manager communicates directly with us. He gathers all the tasks from our company and places it in the project system that they use.

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