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Fresh Lime Soft Turn Your Idea Into a Market-Ready Product

Fresh Lime Soft is an outsourcing software development company that was founded in 2015. Our development center is located in Georgia where our developers work remotely on diverse projects for our clients. Our development team is experienced and works on Agile methodology. They are focused on making the development process as effective as possible

Works done by Fresh Lime Soft

Trading Platform

software development,

How Fresh Lime Soft worked to provide relief to the US-based company by transforming their massive trading platform into a simple and maintainable solution adaptable for other markets.

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Technologies used

  • .net
  • reactjs

Classic WoW

desktop application development,

Fresh Lime Soft created this project as a hub and the community where everybody can enjoy everything classic WoW has to offer.

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Technologies used

  • javascript
  • nodejs


hybrid mobile app development,

Fresh Lime Soft provided app development services for Mondo. Mondo is a mobile application, where you can store your digital marketing content.

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Technologies used

  • angular.js
  • ionic
  • nodejs