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  • mobile application development
  • software development
  • web development


Project Size

$300,001 and Above

Technologies Used

  • javascript
  • mongodb
  • nodejs
  • reactjs


Product Manager

startup Company

San Francisco, United States

Company Size : less than 10 employees

By Product Manager, startup Company

I am a Product Manager for Ajna and am the main liaison between the Closeloop team and my company. I work closely with Closeloop’s project/product managers and engineers to whiteboard new ideas, deliver specifications, troubleshoot bugs, test and certify the software, set timelines, and manage expectations. I’ve worked with Closeloop for over two years now and they continue to impress me daily by the level of care they put into everything they do. From the top down, they don’t just listen to our requests and deliver what we ask, rather they have in-depth conversations with us throughout our whiteboarding process to ensure they understand our business, understand the reason behind every request and innovation, and consult us from a technical perspective to lead us in the right direction based on their extensive knowledge in the software industry. Beyond the day to day business, Closeloop provides a white-glove level of customer experience - meeting with us in person (weekly pre-April 2020, and as often as we could during the pandemic), has incredibly fast response times and ability to follow through, and goes out of their way to ensure we understand the technical aspects of development. At this point in our engagement I would put their knowledge of not only our product, but our business, on par with the knowledge of the employees at my own company. Assim and his team are professional, intelligent, creative, strong communicators, and have impeccable attention to detail. I would not want to be working with anyone else for this project, or any future projects I might take on.

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