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10 Pound Gorilla A full service web development and design firm


We develop websites optimized to increase conversions and visitor engagement while mainstreaming your business processes. Our full-circle marketing strategies focus on driving traffic, engaging visitors, generating leads, and increasing ROI.


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Technology Expertise

  • .net
  • adwords
  • bootstrap
  • css
  • dotnetnuke
  • drupal
  • html
  • javascript
  • joomla
  • jquery
  • magento
  • php
  • salesforce
  • shopify
  • wordpress

Industry Focus

  • 10/100 e-commerce
  • 10/100 marketing & advertising
  • 10/100 aerospace
  • 10/100 banking
  • 10/100 education
  • 10/100 entertainment
  • 10/100 government
  • 10/100 leisure & travel
  • 10/100 manufacturing
  • 10/100 sports


  • Founded In 2003
  • Strength less than 10 employees
  • Offices 1 Office
  • Market Clients from 1 Country
  • Website 10poundgorilla.com
  • Phone +1 970-726-5144
  • Hourly Rate $121 to $200
  • Avg. Budget $150,000 to $250,000


Contact Details

10 Pound Gorilla - Web and Graphic Design
Fraser, Grand County Colorado 80442
United States
+1 970-726-5144

Works done by 10 Pound Gorilla


digital strategy, user experience design, web development,

10 Pound Gorilla has developed programs and acquired grants to generate recurring revenue streams to fund the association. A revamped website, e-newsletter, social media, and digital advertising help spread information to new and existing customers and drive business to CCCSA members and their resort communities in the...


Grand Foundation

digital strategy, marketing, web designing,

10 Pound Gorilla started by identifying the key takeaways and user groups of the Grand Foundation. The Grand Foundation collects and allocates donations for various causes and donations can be earmarked for those specific causes. The residents of Grand County are inherently passionate about where they live and their ho...


Crossbreed Holsters

user experience design, web designing, web development,

10 Pound Gorilla was contracted to perform an audit and revamp CrossBreed’s e-commerce website. We did a thorough discovery of CrossBreed’s business model and customer purchase patterns to optimize their design, functionality, marketing, conversions, and business processes. This led to a significant increase in Cro...


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