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MEAT Agency We create perfect mobile, desktop and web products

We are the product design and development team with 10+ years background of practice. 
We make pull of work for startups and big brands which included researches, prototyping, copywriting, branding, visual design for web/interfaces and all kinds of development. Our updated portfolio here:

Works done by MEAT Agency


branding & design, web designing, web development,

Branding and website for software company. We are going to finish development part very soon.

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Technologies used

  • css
  • html
  • reactjs


branding & design, user experience design, web designing,

Cargo shipping web service. It's like an Uber in the world of trucks. We made branding and web app design. Web design includes: 7 landing pages and internal systems for clients and for shipping company's managers. We also worked on mobile app design that will launch soon.

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Technologies used

  • html