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Custom software, web development and IT business solutions provider company US, 14 years’ experience in building mobile, cloud & web solutions. AllianceTek provides an onshore client service and project management team along with overseas developers and designers to deliver the maximum benefit to our clients. Contact us today for more information.

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objective c
Other non-verified technologies
  • angular.js
  • c#
  • drupal
  • ionic
  • joomla
  • phonegap
  • php
  • salesforce
  • sencha
  • titanium
  • odoo
  • amazon web services
  • swift

Industry Focus

  • 30.11/100 consumer
  • 10/100 online services
  • 10/100 e-commerce
  • 10/100 banking
  • 10/100 financial services
  • 10/100 manufacturing
  • 10/100 medical & healthcare
  • 10/100 real estate
  • 10/100 automotive
  • 10/100 startup


  • Founded In 2004
  • Strength 51 to 100 employees
  • Offices 1 Office
  • Market Clients from 2 Countries
  • Website
  • Phone +1 484-892-5713
  • Hourly Rate $26 to $50
  • Avg. Budget $7000 to $18,000


Contact Details

AllianceTek Inc.
100 Deerfield Ln #250,
Malvern, Chester County Pennsylvania 19355
United States
+1 484-892-5713

Products / Saas

Executive Coach Suite

AllianceTek’s Executive coach suite is the best online custom coaching management software to help coaches track & manage their business administrative chores. As an executive coach, your passion is helping leaders run their businesses successfully. But sometimes you’re buried in your daily organizational and administrative chores.

  • education software

Shopping Mall Management Software

AllianceTek offers Shopping Mall Management Software, Mobile Application solutions, Mall Management System and Retail Store Management Software Solutions for your online sales and marketing consumers who prefer the ease of online shopping. Attracting customers to their online sales and marketing venue is a major challenge for shopping mall owners.

  • e-commerce solution

EMR Software

AllianceTek offers Cloud based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Management Software & Applications solutions. Use as Patient or Healthcare Management Software for easy, secure, accessible, & reliable storage, retrieval, & modification of patient medical records & information. EMR applications customized for various medical practitioners – oncologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, and many others.

  • administration application

Works done by AllianceTek

CTDI Mobile

native mobile app development,

CTDI Mobile app is basically a mobile hardware/sensor testing application. It has a variety of different tests, which includes buttons, screen, battery, camera, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope & a lot more. Using application it is easier for user to check available sensors and hardware parts are working proper or not. Ap...


Expo Logic

native mobile app development,

The LeadPod app turns any iPhone, iPad or Android device into your own advanced lead retrieval tool. Simply scan an attendee’s badge with the device’s camera to capture their contact information on the spot, take notes, and survey your lead with customizable surveys. Lead Pod Pro, by Expo Logic is the latest in lea...



software development,

AnnuitiesHQ is a financial consulting service company that collects, qualifies, and delegates leads. Previously, lead documentation was performed manually, and their use of Salesforce was limited only to recording leads. They needed a dynamic lead automation solution that would keep their information organized in a cen...


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CTDI Mobile

By Director of Engineering, consumer Company

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Overall very good performance


Director of Engineering

consumer Company

West Chester, United States

Company Size : 1001 and Above

Project Size

$5001 to $10,000