What factors affect ranking of extract?

Many companies have been frequently asking if they can improve their company’s ranking on Extract and how they can do it. Yes, you can. Similarly, like how you optimize your site for search engines, there are many best practices that you can improve your company’s ranking on Extract.

There are two types of scores in extract 1) A company’s overall score 2) The individual metric score for each and every service you provided. The combined rhythm of these two scores is used to determine your rankings in a particular category.

1.) The company score. Each company have an overall score which is out of 100, was displayed in the top right part of company profile. This is based on many factors 1) Social and Online presence of the company. 2) Number of successful projects done by the company. 3) Proficiency and Experience in multiple technologies. 4) Age of the company 5) Number of Office locations (including Overseas presence) 6) Market Reach and Service Reach etc.

2.) The individual metric score: As the name suggests, this is the score given to each and every individual metric. These include each of your services and the technologies you use to perform them. These metrics will be added when your client rate for your projects.