Top Software Development companies in India

Software development is a process of creating software using a specific programming language.It includes processes such as initial research,data flow design,process flow design,flow charts,technical documentation,software testing,debugging,etc...

Software development includes various steps which  results in the creation of operational software.The tasks which is performed in these steps in software development process is called software development life cycle or SDLC.It is used to design,develop and test high quality software.

A typical software development life cycle includes the following stages.

1.Planning:It is important to scope out the project and plan how it will be developed, tested and maintained.This phase includes a lot of analysis and evaluation.

2.Implementation:According to the clients requirements the program code have to be prepared.

3.Testing:It includes detection of errors in the software.The code is tested and the defects are reported and cleared.

4.Documentation:Every step is documented for future reference and for the improvement of the software .It improves the quality of the software product.

5.Deployment and Maintenance:Once the product is tested ,it is deployed .Software improvement and changes are done in this phase.

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