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PHP stands for PHP Hypertext PreProcess.PHP code is well organized and can be easily embedded into HTML code. It works on all major operating systems like Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac OS.It is used to make dynamic websites and can create login page to your user.It can also add,delete,modify elements within the database and access cookies variables and set cookies.

PHP supports a large number of major protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and LDAP. PHP4 added support for Java and distributed object architectures (COM and COBRA) and it supports main web and enterprise servers like Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, etc...

PHP language framework can design a complex,yet attractive website in a short span of time.WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter and Phalcon are the most popular ones.PHP has both procedure programming language and oop language features thus programmers from any programming language  can pick it very easily.

Open source:PHP is available at free of cost under PHP General Public License and most of its associative required software's like MySQL, Text Editors and Apache Server are also freely available, so it proves very cost effective for the developers.

Cross platform:PHP script can run in almost all the platforms such as Linux,Windows,Solaris, OpenBSD, Mac OSX etc.. It also provides support for all major web servers such as Apache,IIS,iPlanet,...

Fast:Speed is a very important thing in web development.Websites should be loaded quickly and accessing the GET and POST are built-ins in the PHP language.With speed being the critical part, it uses much system resources.

Easy to use:Any individuals who are new to programming can easily learn to use them within a short duration of time. The syntax for programming in the hypertext preprocessor is quite similar to the C programming language. So the individual who is familiar with C can easily create PHP website scripts.The latest version of PHP has advanced features for making the language even more robust to be helpful for using in web programming.

Secure:PHP is secure that helps preventing malicious attacks.

Cost effective:PHP is  preferred because it’s a cost effective solution and it’s capable of operating on both Linux and windows servers.Most web hosting servers support PHP by default unlike other languages such as ASP that need IIS. This makes PHP a cost effective choice.

PHP can handle forms, i.e. gather data from files, save data to a file, through email you can send data, return data to the user.Its an open source language meaning you don't need a license to develop with it. It has the ability to generate HTML, loop over sections of content based on conditions, ask the computer questions and similar programming functions.

Today there are so many companies offering PHP Web Development Services that made the job of the customer to choose the right company becomes difficult.So we are here to shortlist you the top PHP company by considering various aspects.some of them are given below





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