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Perl stands for practical extraction and reporting language.Perl is a programming language for running Javascript applications which are used to create the network and server-side applications.It is originally developed for text manipulation and also a wide range of task including web development, system administration, network programming, code generation,...

Perl supports both object-oriented and procedural programming.Perl has a powerful set of APIs for processing text that makes it perfect for working with XML, HTML and other markup languages.It can also interact with the external libraries through swig or Xs.

The Perl programs need not be compiled since it is an interpreted language which leads to the non-executable program.The feature makes it easier for programmers to run and evaluate Perl applications.

Perl is a high level and general purpose programming language. Hence, the programmers can use Perl for developing a variety of software applications.The language features and syntax are influenced by several programming languages such as C, Lisp, Shell script, Sed and AWK. These features make it easier for programmers to accomplish common development tasks like text-handling, data management, and parsing.

 The developers can use Perl as an object-oriented, functional, and procedural programming language.  The programming paradigms help programmers to make the code clean and maintainable using variables, expressions, assignment statements, subroutines, and control structures.

Perl was initially designed as a  glue language. It makes it easier for programmers to integrate third-party interfaces or components which are not compatible with each other. The developers also use Perl to prototype custom software applications efficiently by combining multiple software components and utilities.

The features of Perl when compared to other languages include

1.General purpose programming language

2.supports multiple programming platforms

3.can be used as a glue language

4.built in text processing capability

5.Open source

6.Robust frameworks and tools

7.database integration interface

8.Perl DBI supports third-party databases like Oracle, Sybase, Postgres and Mysql. 

The built-in text processing capability makes Perl as a widely used server-side programming language. The web developers can use Perl for both text processing and manipulation. Also, they can avail the features provided by the Perl interpreter to simplify data type formatting and page control creation.

Perl frameworks and development tools can reduce the development time significantly.Using integrated development environment, IDE  like Padre, Komodo IDE and Epic has a major role in keeping Perl popular and relevant.

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