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Javascript is a client-side scripting language designed for adding interactive web pages and creating web applications.It interacts with HTML elements in order to make interactive web user interface.Javascript can be used in various activities like data validation, display popup messages, handling DOM elements,... Javascript is used in browsers to impart functionality into a website.

Since it is a scripting language, Javascript cannot run on its own, and the browser is responsible for running the code.Javascript is implemented globally by every web internet browser for its assistance which allows a powerful material to perform on a website.It can execute not only in the browser but also in the server and also in any device where there is a special program called Javascript engine.The browser interprets all the files that the server sends and Javascript helps in interacting with the website without communicating with the server.

The text editors such as Notepad++, visual studio code, sublime text,... can be used to write the code and web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft edge, internet explorer can be used.

javascript was widely used to add beautiful effects to web pages and is still being used for the same purpose.It has a lot of features 

1.It handles dynamic effects.Javascript is a powerful scripting language which has features to achieve dynamic effects in webpages.

2.It has the ability to detect the client browser.This helps to achieve independent platforms.Javascript can detect the type of browser and programmatically switch the page to show customised pages designed for different browsers.

3.Javascript initially creates the validation on the client side.Thus it helps in saving the processing time of the server.

4.Client-side JavaScript is embedded inside HTML This embedded JavaScript is used along with DOM for control over the browser by means of objects.

5.JavaScript has simple rules and procedures that make it easier to use and learn for programmers. This has made JavaScript a popular client-side scripting language.

6. It can be used or executed with ease without pre-compilation.

7.Visual JavaScript is a component-based visual development tool for the Netscape Open Network Environment used by programmers who want to build cross-platform web-based applications.

In javascript, a function could be assigned to variables just like any other data types. Not only that, but a function can accept another function as a parameter and can also return a function. You can have functions with no name as well. Clearly, this gives you the ability to code in functional programming style.

There are numerous companies around the world doing Javascript.But clearly not every company will be a good fit for every business owner.So you have to narrow the list of companies and ultimately pick the right one for you.With some basic planning and a few strategies, you can figure out the best javascript companies around you.We are a leading company which helps you to find the top company according to your requirements.Here are some of the conditions we see before choosing the right company.




4.Quality and affordability



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