Top HTML companies in Russia

HTML stands for hypertext markup language is a widely used language to create web pages.It was made by the worldwide consortium. The markup tags tell the Web browser how to display the page.It contains markup tags used to describe, classify, and structural elements on the webpage.

HTML was developed with the intent of defining the structure of documents like headings, paragraphs,  list to facilitate the sharing of scientific information between researchers. An HTML file must have  HTML file extension. These files are stored on the web server.

HTML helps Web page Publishers to make complex pages of text and images that can be viewed by anyone on the web, regardless of what kind of computer or browser is being used. HTML is a service of tags that are integrated into a document that can have text, images or multimedia content.

HTML pages are of two types

Static pages: It contains images or text and can see only the content of the webpage without any interaction with it.

Dynamic pages: In this the interaction with a user is needed to display the webpage.When the user give the input, it is sent to the web server which in turn return the results to the user in the HTML pages.

HTML can also be used to add meta information to a web page.It is the information on the web page.Cascading style sheets and Javascript can be included in the HTML code.CSS is used to change how a web page looks.Javascript is used to add features to the webpage and make them more interactive.

HWd Tech is one of the top ten IT outsourcing companies in Russia.It is a company which is willing to make IT ideas for your business.It offers all types of web services and applications for mobile and web.

Rosberry is a mobile app development company from Siberia building nice apps for users worldwide. It has the experience of 6 years in more than 160 international projects providing mobile development services to small and large-scale companies, startups and individuals

Fora soft primarily focuses on video, audio, and text communication - e-learning - internet TV - video surveillance - augmented reality & virtual reality - computer vision.It offers you the best business solution for your projects.

Design Russia always focuses on communication and making sure we're doing the right thing at the right time.It works for you and your business to create the best solution possible and deliver it when it's needed.

4xxi is world-class web & mobile development company helping Startups, SMB and Enterprises to solve their business problems, accomplish goals, increase revenues and cut costs. 

Magora is an experienced mobile, web and software development company with offices located in the UK, the USA, Australia and Russia. The digital services are backed by an enthusiast team of over 150 talented experts who create feature-rich, user-friendly and secure solutions for businesses across various industries.

Before choosing a right company, it is essential to look for certain criteria which each company should possess.We are here to list out the top companies as per your requirements.

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