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Haskell is a purely functional programming language. Haskell is built around functions,  blocks of code that do specific tasks.functions are treated as values like integers and strings. Facebook, Google, NVIDIA, and other companies use Haskell to build internal tools used in their software development and IT environments.

Haskell has several implementations for multiple platforms. These include both an interpreted version called Hugs, and several Haskell compilers.Haskell has an expressive syntax, and a rich variety of built-in data types, including arbitrary-precision integers and rationals, as well as the more conventional integer, floating-point and boolean types.

Haskell offers stronger and more "glue" to compose your program from already developed modules. Thus Haskell programs can be more modular. Often used modular functions can thus be proven correct by induction. Haskell programs most often read out almost exactly like the algorithm description. Which makes it easier to verify that the function does what the algorithm states. By coding at a higher level of abstraction, leaving the details to the compiler, there is less room for bugs to sneak in.

These are some of the features of Haskell. It provides all the features including polymorphic typing, lazy evaluation and higher-order functions. It also has an innovative type system which supports a systematic form of overloading and a module system.

All the values in Haskell have a type which is determined at compile time. So, if you try to pass wrong types of arguments to a function. Haskell is also strongly typed. This gives Type Inference which catches hidden bugs at compile time and reduces your code size.

Its flagship open source compiler is a high-performance parallel garbage collector and light-weight concurrency library containing a number of useful concurrency primitives and abstractions.

Lazy evaluation allows the result of one function/task to be handed to another function/task on the same line of code.

Haskell uses monads, a structure that works like an assembly line where every stop on the line performs a different task. This allows Haskell to separate side effects as a distinct activity apart from any function.

Unlike some other functional programming languages, Haskell is pure. It doesn't allow any side-effects.

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