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With the increasing demand for interactive web designs and applications, each business needs to have robust and scalable solutions. When searching online, you will find a lot of AngularJS development service providers. Be sure to choose a reliable company that offers better services as per your requirements.

Angular JS is a javascript framework used for building MVC based applications. This framework is used for developing mostly Single Page applications. Angular js follows MVC architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller.

Angular's HTML compiler allows the developer to have new HTML syntax. The compiler allows you to attach behaviour to any HTML element or attribute and even create new HTML element or attribute with custom behaviour. The compiler is an angular service which traverses the DOM looking for attributes. The compilation process happens in two phases.

Compile traverse the DOM and collect all the directive. This results in a linking function. Link combines the directives with a scope and produces a live view. Changes in the scope model are reflected in the view and user interactions with the view are reflected in the scope model.

The most important features of AngularJS are


AngularJS modules divide your web application into small, reusable and functional components which can be integrated with other web applications. Each module is identified by a unique name and can be dependent on other modules.


AngularJS directives are used to extend the HTML vocabulary i.e they decorate HTML elements with new behaviours and help to manipulate HTML elements attributes.


AngularJS templates are just plain old HTML that contains Angular-specific elements and attributes. AngularJS used these templates to show information from the model and controller.


Angular expressions are JavaScript-like code snippets that are usually placed in bindings such as . AngularJS expressions don't support control flow statements. These supports filters to format data before displaying it.


AngularJS provides two-way data-binding to handle the synchronization of data between model and view. The data-binding directives help you to bind your model data to your app view. Use the ng-model directive to create a two-way data-binding between the input element and the target model.


AngularJS Routing helps you to divide your app into multiple views and bind different views to Controllers. 

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