Top 10 heroku deployment supporting companies of 2016

  1. Designli

    4.9 from 4 clients

    less than 10 employees | $76 to $120 per hour

    Our mission is to assist dedicated founders with creating disruptive startups through meaningful mobile products. We focused on a fixed-price model that lets you know your budget upfront.

    I have worked with Designli llc. for several months now and its been like working with a family. And they want to be sure their family is taken care of. Their c.. — Cloyd Coley, CEO, ScalperCheck

    Designli built the Arkiver Android app and made improvements to our iOS app. Their development teams are talented and our project manager was very responsive. .. — Logan Metcalfe, CEO, Arkiver, Inc.

    From the very beginning, I approached Keith Shields and Joshua Tucker with this project - having worked with them on a few of my app ideas on Applits. I found t.. — Eric Egong, Founder, HOPE

    "If you're looking for a full-service app design/development company, run by people you can trust, I can recommend and its co-founders Josh Tucker a.. — Mary Luck, Founder, Thingealogy

  2. Flatstack

    4.7 from 1 clients

    51 to 100 employees | $26 to $50 per hour

    Flatstack is a web & mobile application development company specializing in RoR, UI/UX, and iOS & Android development. Specializing in staff augmentation and an agile methodology, our team of experts will work with you to scale your team or build a whole new one so you can build quickly.

    FlatStack is a valued development partner. They have consistently performed at a high level when developing and supporting our applications. Highly recommended.. — Vincent Hines,, GoGreenRide

  3. SteelKiwi

    5 from 3 clients

    51 to 100 employees | $26 to $50 per hour

    Core service of our company is web-development using python/django technology stack, followed by most modern frontend technologies like angular.js. We are actively expanding our development service and always open for any kind of cooperation.

    Highly recommend to work with SteelKiwi Inc. They are very detailed oriented and eager to make high-quality product. Creative approach and awesome performance... — Haya Kreichman, Owner, Grand Park Auto game

    SteelKiwi Inc. have shown themselves as a reliable and skilled development partner. It was a great pleasure working with them and I can wholeheartedly recommend.. — Nikola Ninkovich, Marketing Consultant, Nova Vita

    It was a pleasure to work with SteelKiwi. Dream team to cooperate with, easy to communicate and work out all issues. Will be waiting to continue working togethe.. — Lilou Lefrique, Owner, Wdesker

  4. Intrepid Pursuits

    0 from 0 clients

    51 to 100 employees | $121 to $200 per hour

    Intrepid has four core values: people, transparency, self-reflection, and always add value. We bring these values to everything we do, and every client we help, whether Fortune 100 or startup. We're creating great mobile products at the intersection of humanity & technology.

  5. Lunar Logic

    0 from 0 clients

    21 to 50 employees | $51 to $75 per hour

    Lunar Logic is a web development company specializing in Ruby, JavaScript and mobile technologies. While we care deeply about craftsmanship – it is one of the crucial attitudes we look for when hiring – that’s not what make us different. Our biggest differentiator is how far we take transparency.

  6. Guarana Technologies

    0 from 0 clients

    11 to 20 employees | $76 to $120 per hour

    Guarana Technologies specializes in iPhone and Android app development. What makes us unique among mobile app development companies? Our ability to handle a project from your idea to an amazing mobile app! We help you to draft it, make it smart, make it sexy, and launch it.

  7. SumatoSoft

    0 from 0 clients

    21 to 50 employees | $26 to $50 per hour

    SumatoSoft is a web & mobile development company. The team specializes in the development of challenging and complex projects for enterprise, mid-sized and startup companies. The company delivered compelling solutions for such companies as Cornerstone OnDemand, Toyota, Nectarin and Simplimagine.

  8. Wiinnova

    0 from 0 clients

    21 to 50 employees | $15 to $25 per hour

    Wiinnova is a specialised web and mobile app development company that focuses on delivering great user experiences to enterprise customers around the world.

  9. RevUnit

    0 from 0 clients

    21 to 50 employees | $121 to $200 per hour

    Building great software is about more than building software that works or looks good. It needs to be useful. At RevUnit we focus on building well-designed and strategized digital applications. We strongly believe our mission is give your ideas their best chance for success.

  10. Tekton Labs Inc

    0 from 0 clients

    101 to 200 employees | $26 to $50 per hour

    A community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation & delivery, while advocating for positive social change.