Titanium companies in France

Titanium has proved itself to be amongst one of the most influential cross-platform JavaScript and API frameworks widely used for developing mobile innovations for Android and iOS.There are several companies to choose from when developers want to build mobile applications that can deploy to multiple platforms. Here we provide you with the list of companies that has better services.

Titanium is an open source framework for building the Native mobile application. The Titanium Platform allows you to create, run, and package native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices using our cross-platform JavaScript APIs.Mobile applications built with the Titanium SDK are run against a standalone JavaScript engine which invokes native APIs.

The goal of Titanium is to provide a high level, cross-platform JavaScript runtime and API for mobile development. Titanium is built on two assertions about mobile development:

1.There is a core of mobile development APIs which can be normalized across platforms. These areas should be targeted for code reuse.

2.There are platform-specific APIs, UI conventions, and features which developers should incorporate when developing for that platform. The platform-specific code should exist for these use cases to provide the best possible experience.

The developer is required to install the native toolchains for the desired target platforms to develop native applications using titanium. When those tools are installed, the developer usually interacts with the Titanium SDK’s Node-based CLI. This is done either directly through the command line or through Titanium Studio, our Eclipse-based IDE.

Using the Titanium toolset, you will generate an application project directory which contains a configuration file, localization files, and a directory to contain the images, assets, and JavaScript source you will be writing to power your application. At runtime, your application consists of three major components – your JavaScript source code, the platform-specific implementation of the Titanium API in the native programming language, and a JavaScript interpreter that will be used to evaluate your code at runtime.

When your application is launched, a JavaScript execution environment is created in native code, and your application source code is evaluated. Here are some of the benefits of Titanium.

Rapid prototyping




Growing community

Titanium is extensible with both non-visual and UI capabilities in native code. By implementing a Proxy and/or View Proxy interface in native code, developers can create new native functionality for Titanium applications exposed in JavaScript. You will get access to a wide array of native features and functionality out of the box, from user interface components to socket interfaces to notification system integration.

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