The Comeback of Desktop Apps

The technology world is by nature and virtue a very dynamic and constantly evolving portfolio that has seen the emergence and demise of some once remarkable innovations. Desktop application is one of those areas of interest in terms of the dynamism that has set sail in the software and technology world. The once famous stand-alone apps that could sufficiently and efficiently run on desktops and laptops computers became overshadowed by the web based applications and it became a point of tentative contention as many predicted their demise. However, over the years the status of the desktop apps has significantly changed developmental-wise with the year 2016 precluding a steady and sure comeback of the orthodox PC apps. It begs the question, Are Desktop apps making a comeback?

Status of desktop application development

The year 2016 has marked purposeful and relevant milestones in the development era of the stand-alone PC Apps with a noticeably aspect being the fact that even major players in the tech world have shifted camps and resorted back to desktop application. Good examples of such powers are services such as: Stack, Sunrise and Quip all of which have gone desktop.

In terms of Software development, there has been the institutionalization of desktop apps to service the technology subscribers with what is believed to be a more efficient platform approach unlike the web based applications that based on research demand quite a lot in order to fully enjoy their benefits. Take for instance the Whatsapp desktop app that has been introduced to merge the PC users to their web-based apps without the necessary use of a browser. Bear in mind that the core driving force embedded in the desktop apps is the need to create convenience. Purposefully, research shows that over 34% of the world has reverted back to desktop application based on the emerging conveniences it issues. This has a significant prospect to the real status of the desktop apps showing a remarkable rise from 15%. Evidently, development strides are pretty clear in many software portfolios with some noticeably desktop apps game changers such as word press, drop box and TSM all qualifying the development status and revolution of the desktop application era.

Needless to say, stop over ruling and eulogizing desktop application. They are making a comeback with a bang!!!