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Choosing the best company is important as the business depends upon your app. An expert team is essential for developing such an app.  There are a lot of factors which you should take into the consideration when choosing the PHP web app development company.

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.PHP is mainly focused on server-side scripting, so you can do things such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, or send and receive cookies.

PHP files can contain text, HTML tags and scripts. It is returned to the browser as plain HTML.PHP has builtin support for generating PDF files, GIF, JPEG, and PNG images, and Flash movies.PHP provides a library of PHP code to perform common tasks, such as database abstraction, error handling, and so on, with the PHP Extension and Application Repository(PEAR). PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components.

PHP scripts are used for  Server-side scripting, Command line scripting and Writing client-side GUI applications.PHP can be used on all major operating systems, including Linux, many Unix variants including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS,...PHP has also support for most of the web servers today. This includes Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Personal Web Server, Netscape and iPlanet servers, Oreilly Website Pro server, Caudium, Xitami, OmniHTTPd, and many others.

here is the list of some of the unique features of PHP.

1. PHP supports variable usage without declaring its data type. It will be taken at the time of the execution based on the type of data it has on its value.

2. Cross-platform compatibility is used to create the desktop application by using advanced PHP features.

3. It is platform independent.PHP code will be run on every platform, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows.

4.PHP provides access logging by creating the summary of recent accesses for the user.

5.It has some predefined error reporting constants to generate a warning or error notice.

6.PHP is a single inheritance language. The traits concept is used to cover inheritance limitation and support inheritance at multiple levels.

PHP itself is basically one executable which reads in a source code file of PHP code and interprets/executes the commands written in that file. That executable supports a default API which the userland PHP code can call, and it's possible to add extensions to provide more APIs. Those extensions are typically written in C and compiled together with the PHP executable at install time.

A web service written in PHP runs on a third party web server, very often Apache, which handles any incoming requests and invokes the PHP interpreter with the given requested PHP source code file as an argument, then delivers an output of that process back to the HTTP client. 

We have selected some of the top PHP companies in Russia based on some factors such as its knowledge in the specific field, reputation, experience and so on. Please visit the following for the best PHP companies.Here are some of the companies.

CimpleO is Russian web development company with the clients from big and small companies from Russia, UK, Germany, Canada, USA, Israel, Australia and many other countries and creates web-based applications, separate components, APIs and other things.

4xxi is a world-class web & mobile development company helping Startups, SMB and Enterprises to solve their business problems, accomplish goals, increase revenues and cut costs.

Rosberry is a mobile app development company from Siberia building nice apps for users worldwide. They have experience and knowledge in more than 160 international projects providing mobile development services to small and large-scale companies, start-ups and individuals. 

Azoft is a full-service software development company providing custom solutions for Telecom & Wireless industry domain, as well as the development of custom web (Java/.NET/PHP), mobile (iOS/Android/HTML5) and business automation solutions.

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