Suggested list of Laravel companies

Hiring good developers is always a hard thing to do. You need to be sure that the person you hire is qualified, has a set of communicative skills and can be a good fit for your team. Laravel is a PHP framework created and developed by Taylor Otwell. It abstracts complex functionality by providing easy to implement functions and methods.It provides MVC (model-view-controller) implementations which separate code logic from HTML.

Laravel reuses the existing components of different frameworks which helps in creating a web application. Laravel is a web application framework that tries to ease the development process by simplifying repetitive tasks. It manages to do all essential tasks ranging from web serving and database management right to HTML generation. Thus Laravel is called a full stack framework.

Laravel is an MVC framework. MVC means Model View Controller. Models are responsible for handling database related methods. We can attach controllers with resource model it means the controller has their dependent database table. Views are basically responsible for containing HTML. A controller is responsible for defining application (request handling) logic.

Let’s find features of PHP Laravel Framework that make it popular among developers and businesses 

Template Engine

It has inbuilt lightweight templates that help you create amazing layouts using dynamic content seeding. And also has multiple widgets incorporating CSS and JS code with solid structures.


Command line interface used in Laravel is called Artisan. It includes a set of commands which assists in building a web application.

Eloquent ORM

Laravel framework offers the Eloquent ORM that includes a simple PHP Active Record implementation. It lets the web app developers issue database queries with PHP syntax rather than writing SQL code. 


It facilitates unit testing. It is capable of running many tests to ensure that new changes done by programmers do not unexpectedly break anything in the web application.


Laravel provides a flexible approach to the user to define routes in the web application. Routing helps to scale the application in a better way and increases its performance.

Here we help you to find the best Laravel companies for your business requirements which we selected based on some factors such as its experience, portfolio, reputation etc. Please visit the following for the top Laravel companies in Romania.

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