Suggested list of ios app development companies

The iPhone app development market is rapidly expanding day by day due to users demand and availability of iOS app developer tools. Thus, hiring an ios app development company is a difficult task for an individual. Here we sort out some of the top ios development firms that can offer you better services.

iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. It runs on Apple’s mobile devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad’s.iOS comes with a rich and varied SDK that enables you to design, implement, and realize a wide range of application.  The iOS SDK comprises all the libraries you need to write iOS apps. The SDK is included with the Xcode tool, which is used for creating iOS and Mac applications. 

The basis of the iOS development environment includes the following 

Project Editor

This is the heart of Xcode and provides a home for most of the features, including project file and component management, syntax-aware source editing for both the Objective-C language and iOS SDK.

Interface Builder (IB)

It is accessed through the project editor and provides a rapid prototyping tool for laying out user interfaces (UIs) graphically and linking those prebuilt interfaces to your Xcode source code. powerful visual design tools is used to add the visual elements of your app and then connect those onscreen elements to objects and method calls in your application. 


The iOS Simulator runs on a Macintosh and enables you to create and test iOS apps on your desktop. It is used to test programs without connecting to an actual iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The simulator offers the same API used on iOS devices and provides a preview of concept designs.

Performance Tools

While running the app in the simulator or on a device, runtime debug gauges give an overview of performance including memory and CPU use. Instruments provides even more detail, profiling how iPhone applications work under the hood. It samples memory usage and monitors performance, enabling you to identify and target problem areas in your applications and work on their efficiency.


It helps to quickly find and fix problems in your code. With it, you can step through code and inspect values of variables, either in a separate display area or by just hovering the mouse pointer over the source code. 

These are some of the features essential to develop an app.

1.Search Feature

2.Social Networking Capabilities

3.Responsive Design for Varying Screen Sizes

4.Different Versions for Different Devices

5.Less Keyboarding

6.Work Offline

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