Spring companies in Ukraine

The Spring Framework is a popular open source application framework that can make Java EE development easier. It consists of a container, a framework for managing components, and a set of snap-in services for web user interfaces, transactions, and persistence. A part of the Spring Framework is Spring Web MVC, an extensible MVC framework for creating web applications.

The Spring Framework consists of features organized into about 20 modules. These modules are grouped into Core Container, Data Access/Integration, Web, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Instrumentation, and Test. The core container consists of the Core, Beans, Context, and Expression Language modules. The Data Access/Integration layer consists of the JDBC, ORM, OXM, JMS and Transaction modules.

The features of the spring framework include

1.The Spring Framework is very lightweight with respect to its size and functionality. It is due to its POJO (Plain Old Java Object)implementation which doesn’t force to inherit any class or implement any interfaces.

2.Promotes loose coupling by making use of dependency of injection. So, instead of hard-coding the dependencies of an object, you simply specify the dependencies via the configuration file

3.Aspect Oriented Programming is used for separating cross-cutting concerns (for example logging, security etc.) from the business logic of the application. 

4.Transaction Management is used to unify several transaction management APIs and is used to coordinate transactions for Java objects. Also, it is not tied to the J2EE environment and is used with containerless environments.

5.It makes use of some of the existing technologies like several ORM frameworks, logging frameworks, JEE, Quartz and JDK timers, and other.

6.Dependency injection allows you to develop loosely coupled applications. Therefore, the unit testing of these loosely coupled applications becomes easier. This also allows the developer to swap out some of the modules according to its need.

Spring is organized in a modular fashion which allows you to worry only about the modules you need and ignore the rest. Modular programming is a software design technique that separates the functionality of a program into independent modules, such that each contains one specific functionality.

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