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Ruby is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language originated in Japan. Rails is a web application development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails enables the programmer to create advanced database driven websites.

Rails are based on MVC architecture, which stands for Model-View-Controller. It has special classes called models, that inherits methods from an object-relational mapper to a relational database. Rails make it easy to create, read, update, and destroy(CRUD) objects. The views in MVC holds the HTML presentation. They are script-based template systems like JSP, ASP, PHP. The controller handles the code between the routes and the views. This subsystem is implemented in ActionController, which is a data broker sitting between ActiveRecord and ActionView.ActiveRecord is a pattern that allows for all database access to be written without a single line od database access.

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It includes features that help in increasing developer productivity. Some of the main features include the following.

Database access library:

 It has a library active record that simplifies data handling in databases. Active Record automatically maps tables to classes and rows to also include a host of libraries that simplify the coding of common programming tasks.

AJAX library

It is provided in the Rails framework. Ruby code can be used to generate AJAX code. The associated java scripting required for AJAX gets generated automatically.

Convention over configuration:

Ruby on Rails does not have any XML configuration files. It includes simple programming conventions that can be used to specify the configuration parameters.

Customized URL:

URLs created by using Ruby on Rails framework will be easy and search engine friendly.


Error logs are provided, which makes it easier to debug applications.

Ruby on Rails is a great framework for creating advanced web applications writing very little code. Rails work with many database systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server. Web application development is a hot field right now because more people are finding that apps are useful tools to market their business, earn income, and help their customers. There are thousands of companies available for doing your project on Ruby on rails. But to find the top company among them is a difficult task. Here we listed the top companies that can provide you good services. We select the top companies based on some factors. Following is the list of factors we considered for selecting the top companies.




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