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Ruby is an open-source and fully object-oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Ruby is inspired by other low level and object-oriented programming languages like Lisp, Smalltalk, and Perl. It also has a core class library with a rich and powerful API. It runs on all types of platforms like Windows, Mac OS and all versions of UNIX.

It is fully object-oriented programming language. Everything is an object in Ruby. Ruby is considered to follow the principle of POLA (principle of least astonishment). It means that the language behaves in such a way to minimize the confusion for experienced users. Ruby is a server-side scripting language and it can be embedded into HTML. It can be easily connected to Oracle, MySQL, DB2.

Here are the features of Ruby.

Every value in Ruby is an object, even the most primitive things like strings, numbers and even true and false. So, Ruby is a pure Object Oriented Language. Every object has a class and every class has one superclass.

Ruby is a very dynamic programming language. Ruby programs aren't compiled like C or Java programs. All things in a program are built by the code when it is run. A program can also modify its own definitions while running.

Every object in Ruby has two classes: a regular class and a singleton class. An object's singleton class is a nameless class whose only instances is that object. Singleton classes are created automatically and make Ruby simple and elegant.

Everything in Ruby are objects. You can use them to learn about them or even modify them, while your program is running. This technique is called metaprogramming.

Methods can be added to existing classes without subclassing, operators can be overloaded, and even the behaviour of the standard library can be redefined at runtime.

The programmer does not need to declare variables or variable scope in ruby. The name of the variable automatically determines its scope.

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Here we list you some of the top companies for your project in Ruby based on certain factors. Experience of the company is a crucial factor in determining their services. Portfolio of the company, reputation, and clients feedback can also be considered while selecting the company. Please visit the following for the best companies in Poland.

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