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There are some things you should consider while choosing a Perl company especially if an individual is new and do not know more about Perl that would fit his or her needs. Perl, Practical Extraction and Reporting Language is a high-level language. Perl is object-oriented language that supports all the OOPs features such as inheritance, multiple inheritances, polymorphism, encapsulation etc.

Perl can integrate with most modern databases, work with HTML, XML and other markup languages, and has full support for Unicode. Perl is a programming language specially designed for text editing. It is now widely used for a variety of purposes including Linux system administration, network programming, web development, etc.

Perl has three data types: Scalars, arrays of scalars and hashes. In Perl we need not to specify the type of data, the interpreter would choose it automatically based on the context of data. There are two methods to install Perl on Windows. One is using ActivePerl another is StrawberryPerl.

Perl is also used to automate many tasks in the Web servers, and other administration jobs, it can automatically generate emails and clean up systems. Perl is still used for its original purpose i.e. extracting data and generating reports. It can produce reports on resource use and check for security issues in a network. 

It supports all forms of inheritance (simple, multiple & diamond), polymorphism and encapsulation. It also has extra modules which permit you to write or use/reuse code written in Python, PHP, PDL, TCL, Octave, Java, C, C++, Basic, Ruby and Lua in your Perl script. Perl is extremely portable. It can run on any operating system that has Perl interpreter installed, so it is platform independent. All Linux Operating Systems come installed with Perl, so you can start Perl coding in Linux out of the box.

These are some of the advantages of Perl.

Perl is most powerful for text handling and Parsing.

This is an interpreted language with fast execution time as there is no need to compile a Perl script.

Simple and easy to program and understand.

CPAN library eases Perl development

Used in Web development for mostly Payment Gateways

Used in Automation and to test most of the Network and Storage related stuff.

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