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Magento is an open source e-commerce platform created by Varien Inc. It is developed in PHP and MySQL.Magento is the most suitable platform for small, medium and large businesses. It uses E-Commerce platform which helps in the commercial transaction and purchasing or selling of goods and services through electronic channels.

The principles of Magento's architecture includes OOP and programming principles. The architectural layers can provide the high-level model to understand the positioning of resources and code in a complex system. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. The architectural layers include

Presentation layer

This layer contains elements such as layouts, blocks, templates, and drivers who run the UI process.The presentation code controls the interaction of the web user with the product and its appearance. You can customize the user interface using HTML, CSS and .phtml files to modify elements of the presentation layer.

Service layer

It connects the presentation layer and logic layer domain and specific data provides an easy way to access the REST/SOAP through the code API framework.You can link the service contracts for web services APIs for configuration files without any coding.

Domain layer

It defines the Magento generic objects data or templates that contain business logic. This logic defines operations that can be performed on particular data types, such as a customer object. Applications can also use SOAP or RESTful endpoints to request data models.we can use service contracts to communicate with the domain layer passing types of data objects using strongly typed ones. This practice can help to prevent the replacement presentation layer code to replace the business logic layer.

Persistence layer

Magento uses an active strategy for continued registration pattern. In this system, the object model has a resource model that maps an object to one or more rows of the database.

Some of the Magento features that benefit the website development company are

1. Magento is an open-source eCommerce development platform and is preferred the most by the companies providing web application development services. 

2. Magento comes with built-in SEO tools that help search engines crawl the website pages and automatically improve its ranking on the search result pages.

3. The websites built on Magento CMS are powered with the cross-browser support and they are run across multiple devices. This makes these websites possess the capability to be accessed on the go, which on the other hand, improves the website ranking on the search engine result pages.

4.Magento powers the eCommerce websites with its inbuilt support for multiple languages and currency. These websites extensively support multiple payment modes.

5. It has a quick checkout option which allows users to purchase multiple products simultaneously and proceed to checkout quickly.

6. The Magento platform integrates with mobile app giving the shoppers the best experience for shopping anytime from anywhere.

Nowadays choosing Magento developer would be scarier than anything so availing some tips for picking the right eCommerce developing team will be an excellent option. There are several things to take into consideration before making your final decision on who should be your Magento development company. We listed you the top Magento companies based on certain conditions which match your project requirements.

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