List of Phonegap companies

There are few PhoneGap development companies which provide the necessary features in development time. Here we recommend some of the top Phonegap companies around the world.PhoneGap is a mobile development framework that allows developers to build applications for a variety of mobile platforms, using familiar web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Applications that are developed using PhoneGap are hybrid applications. These applications are not purely HTML/JavaScript based, nor are they native. Parts of the application, mainly the UI, the application logic, and communication with a server, is based on HTML/JavaScript. 

PhoneGap essentially provides the JavaScript API with access to the device capabilities like the camera, GPS, device information, and many others. The PhoneGap framework is a JavaScript Library that allows HTML/JavaScript applications to access device features. 

PhoneGap has two parts.  The JavaScript Business Logic Part, which drives the UI and its functionality and the JavaScript Part, which accesses and controls the device.PhoneGap comes with a set of JavaScript APIs that are used to access native phone features, such as camera, storage, contacts, geolocation, etc., to build cross mobile applications. 

Here are some of the features of PhoneGap

1.PhoneGap has a robust backend system that speeds up the development process and reduces the developer’s efforts. 

2.PhoneGap framework is an Open source framework. Thus new codes and modules which are available for free.

3.It offers great flexibility to the developers as they can develop any type of mobile apps. Developers only need to know HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can get started with PhoneGap.

4.It can have access to the device’s hardware such as the camera, geolocation, accelerometer and a few others. With this, the apps developed on PhoneGap can easily make use of the properties of the native resources of the device, without compromising on the User Experience.

PhoneGap plug-in is an extension of the PhoneGap feature. Plug-in functionality may only be able to access native features of the phone or it may provide the functionality to access cloud services.PhoneGap Plug-in consists of at least two files. Plug-In’s JavaScript file is the interface between the PhoneGap’s application and the PhoneGap’s plug-in. Plug-In’s functionalities are accessed by the JavaScript file using JavaScript functions. 

Here we suggest you some of the features we consider while choosing the top companies.

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