List of companies using Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a web application platform which helps to share and collaborate information between different stakeholders. It is a platform to support collaboration and content management system. It allows individuals in an organization to easily create and manage collaborative business solutions. It can be used for storing documents, collaborating with colleagues on projects, publishing departmental information, and even managing common processes like time off requests and expense reports.

SharePoint is used to store documents in a shared space instead of one location such as a hard drive. Anyone in your organisation can access documents unless the administrator has set specific access permissions. It can be used to establish a company intranet. Each employee can login to locate a variety of information such as scheduled tasks, announcements, the latest news, and more.

SharePoint can also be used to build and manage an external website for your company. The intuitive Content Management System allows you to perform updates to your page, create new pages, add graphics and text,...SharePoint easily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This creates high visibility for critical data such as customer information, sales, marketing, suppliers,...

SharePoint is used to improved employee communication using social networking tools such as wikis, planning workshops, meeting rooms, and other real-time resources that keep employees in sync. 

Given below are some of the features of using Microsoft Sharepoint.

Sharepoint lists

Lists are like spreadsheets such that they consist of rows and columns. They reside in SharePoint and are available to many people at once for concurrent access. It provides the features to create, review, update, and delete a list, or items in a list.

Adding SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint provides a set of templates used to generate workflows that are designed to save time and effort and establish consistency and efficiency for the tasks. Workflow creator, author, initiator, participant are the four roles associated with workflows.

Sharepoint search

It allows users to enter and execute a search query against indexed data in a SharePoint server. Search results contain links to documents, libraries, list items, lists, web-pages, or sites.SharePoint’s search engine takes into account your permissions, context, and previous searches in responding to the search query.

SharePoint Libraries

SharePoint Libraries provide a host of features to easily store, modify, group, filter and capture essential data. It allows team members to create, collect, update, and manage files. With SharePoint, you have access to a number of default library apps already preconfigured for specific purposes.

Adding a Project Site

Project Site template includes several components that facilitate and support work management, including Project Summary web part, task list, Document Library, Calendar, and Built-in task management features.

Here are the benefits of using Sharepoint

Cost Control

Access from Anywhere

Easy Collaboration

Share Data and Information without Sacrificing Confidentiality

Business Intelligence and Accurate Decision Making

Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Data Migration

Constant Access to Updates

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