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Laravel is an open source PHP based framework, which helps in creating outstanding customized web Applications. It follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel was designed with the philosophy of using convention over configuration. It makes intelligent assumptions about what you're trying to accomplish so that you'll be able to accomplish your goals with much less code. 

Laravel offers true code modularity. This is achieved through a combination of drivers and its bundles system. Drivers allow you to easily change and extend caching, session, database, and authentication functionality. Anything that can be written in Laravel can be packaged as a bundle, from simple libraries to entire web-applications. 

Laravel's ActiveRecord implementation is called Eloquent. With Eloquent, we can create, retrieve, update, and delete the database records without needing to write a single line of SQL. Laravel also has a command-line interface tool called Artisan. With Artisan, a developer can interact with their application to trigger actions such as running migrations, running unit tests, and running scheduled tasks.

Here are some of the features of Laravel 

Authentication and application logic

Laravel helps to organize authorization logic and control access to resources. In Laravel Development. application logic can be implemented within any application using the controllers or directly to the route declarations using syntax. Laravel helps you to handle the typical tasks of logging users in and out as well as makes it easy to access the user record of the currently authenticated user.


Filters are functions that can be run before or after the routed code. A filter that runs before the routed code is called a before filter. Similarly, well-named is the after the filter, which runs after the routed code.Filters are often used for enforcing authentication. We can create a filter that detects if a user is not logged in, then redirect him/her to the login form. 

Blade Templating Engine

It helps to work with the PHP/ HTML. Laravel development permits composing the plain codes of PHP in the layout shape. Consequently, it enhances the execution of utilization complex.


Laravel provides a built-in tool named Artisan, which allows them to perform a majority of those repeated and lengthy programming tasks. It is used to create a skeleton code, and database structure to make it easier to manage the database system.


By the use of a salted hashed password, it never saves the password in the plain text in the database. It uses a bcrypt hashing algorithm to create an encrypted password.

Migration System Databases

In Laravel development, migration helps to expand the database structure of the application without having to recreate every time we make a change. So it prevents the chances of losing the development data. Laravel Schema Builder allows to create database tables and inserts columns and indices.


Laravel provides a Validator class full of functionality to help with validating forms, database models, or anything that you'd like. The Validator class allows you to pass any input, declare your own rules, and define your own custom validation messages.

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