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Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.Java is a general-purpose programming language which is used for all types of application. It runs on a Java virtual machine. It compiles the source code of the program to compile and then converted into bytecode which is run by Java virtual machine. It is an independent programming language so that it needs to be written once and can run everywhere.

Java programmers use various terminologies such as Java development kit, Java runtime environment, Java virtual machine, Application programming interface.JDK consists of JRE and other tools like Java libraries, source compilers, debuggers, bundling and deployment tools. The compiled Java program can run using the Java runtime environment.API is a set of classes written using Java programming language which runs on JVM.

Java is used by most of the applications such as desktop applications, web applications, banking, mobile applications,...The Java Code Conventions are a set of conventions for how to format your Java code, and how to name classes, variables, files etc. The Java Standard Edition, The Java Enterprise Edition, The Java Micro Edition are three different sets of APIs.

Java becomes popular due to its special features that possess. Below are some of the features of Java programming language.


The syntax of Java is based on C++ and is very simple and easy to understand. It removes many language features available in C++ which makes poor programming practices.


Java is an object-oriented programming language. In this software is a combination of different types of objects that incorporate both data and behaviour. These objects have a unique identity, encapsulate attributes and operations, and are instances of classes related by inheritance and polymorphism.


It support various levels of network connectivity.TCP/IP support is built into Java class libraries. They can open and access remote objects on the Internet.

Platform independent

Java is a software-based platform which has two components: Runtime environment and Application programming interface.Java code can be run on multiple platforms e.g. Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac/OS etc.


Java is strong which allows compile-time error checking. It does not support memory pointers, which eliminates the possibility of overwriting memory and corrupting data.


Java is secured because it has no explicit pointers. It has a bytecode verification process to ensure that code loaded over the network does not violate Java security constraints.


 It facilitates you to carry the Java bytecode to any platform.


It is multi-threaded since it deals with more than one program at the same time. It shares a common memory area.

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