Internet of things here to stay!

Imagine the world as a global village with every device on it automated to sensors that control it?we would save a lot of time and billions of dollars.Internet of things is here to stay and make your life easier.Basically,internet of things is the notion of linking any gadget that has control buttons with the internet and with or to each other.Truth is the benefits of internet of things is very diverse.The major application include security systems, aviation industry, transportation and manufacturing,the list is endless!

Home automation for instance is proof enough internet of things is here to stay.You should be able to control the activities in your house from your mobile phone,monitor who gets into your home,monitor what your children are watching or even set temperature levels in accordance with its' billing system.Smoke detectors have also been incorporated and linked to a mobile app.How amazing is that!you actually prevent accidents before they happen or even reduce the damage.

The aviation industry is simply internet of things literally!almost all gadgets in the aircraft are sensor controlled and all are interlinked to each other.Every day this will keep improving to incorporate advancing technology.

You use gadgets like smartphones and laptops to transmit information using Wi-Fi. You could easily replicate this at home.For instance if the fridge would keep a stock level record and automatically issue an update when restocking is needed,then you don't have to rush to the grocery store the last minute.We are heading here.

Take traffic flow for instance,at one particular time you have had to waste time sitting in traffic yet you probably were rushing to have an important presentation to close that billion dollar business deal.Internet of things should be able to link an update on your mobile phone warning you of the traffic awaiting hence you will avoid that route and find an easier alternative to get to your presentation.