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Golang is a programming language developed by Google with a vision of high performance and fast development.Golang, also known as go programming language is a statically typed language. It provides garbage collection, type safety, dynamic-typing capability, many advanced built-in types such as variable length arrays and key-value maps.

It Produces binary executables, like c++.It is powerful at Concurrency with inbuilt primitives and features to allow systems to be built to scale and effectively use the computing power available.

Its syntax is similar to that of C programming language.Here are some unique features of Golang.


It creates binaries for the application with all the built-in dependencies.There is no need to install the runtimes to run the application.It eases the task of deploying applications and providing necessary updates across thousands of installations.

Language Design:

The specification of Golang is simple and easy to understand.It has some interesting design decisions were made vis-à-vis Object-Oriented support in the language, that keeps the features limited.

Standard library:

It has a powerful standard library, distributed as packages requiring little in the way of third-party libraries for things like string manipulation, file and network I/O, testing, HTTP servers, and so much more.Almost all of the things built into its standard library like http fetching, json parsing, and encryption.

Package management:

It contains a list of tools for managing Go packages and their dependencies.In Go, source files are organized into system directories called packages, which enable code reusability across the Go applications. Support is provided directly in the tooling to get external packages and publish your own packages in a set of easy commands.

Static Typing:

It is statically typed. It does not have type inheritance, generic programming, assertions, method overloading. The compiler works hard to ensure that the code is not just able to compile correctly but other type conversions and compatibility are taken care of.

Concurrency support:

Go Concurrency primitives via go routines and channels makes concurrent programming easy. Its ability to take advantage of multi-core processor architectures and efficient memory is one of the reasons while Go code is today running some of the most heavily used applications that are able to scale.

Testing support:

It provides a simple mechanism to write unit tests in parallel with your code. The tooling also provides support to understand code coverage by your tests, bench marking tests and writing example code that is used in generating your code documentation.

It creates only one executable file output after the compilation without any dependencies, so that you can upload it anywhere which Go supports and just run it.It has no VM and it  directly converts in to machine code.You can install Go programming on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. This is a link of binary distribution of the Go programming for FreeBSD (release 8-STABLE and above), Linux, Mac OS X (10.8 and above), and Windows operating systems for the 32-bit (386) and 64-bit (amd64) architectures.

Picking a Golang company among millions of companies around the world is a hectic task.Here, we have the list of top Golang companies in Ukraine.Considering some factors such as its experience, quality and affordability, reputation, and so on.

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