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Drupal is a free open source content management system to maintain and publish a website. A CMS is a software that helps to manage digital content. Drupal is a web application that allows one or more users to create, edit, publish, and control access to a website using a graphical user interface.

It includes dynamic features such as reliable performance, easy content authoring, and excellent security. The main principle of Drupal is its modularity. As an open source software, it allows the facility to user to download, work on, use it and share it with another user. 

Drupal has many features. Here is a list of its well-known features.

1. It is platform independent. Drupal can also be installed on Windows servers running IIS and Microsoft SQL Server, Solaris, BSD or Mac OS X. The standard install configuration is on Linux, Apache and MySQL or PostgreSQL.

2. Drupal is an open source application, it’s free to use and no license fees. The code used to run Drupal could be copied, modified, and shared with others. Anyone could download and use the application, make changes.

3. Drupal provides complete flexibility over defining how different content types appear and the functionality associated with each content type, such as allowing or disallowing user comments.

4. Drupal allows customers to rewrite URLs friendlier to both users and search engine. All content created in Drupal blogs has a permalink, which is could boost search ranking and page views.

5. Drupal contains its own user tracking and statistics but can be easily integrated with third-party reporting tools such as Google Analytics.

6. Drupal's own internal search engine provides either standard or advanced modes of searching by default, and any manner of search can be customised. 

7. Drupal is mobile ready. If the blog is built on Drupal, the blog content could appear on the pad or phones as good as on the desktop. The readers are available to use smartphones like the iPhone or Androids to read the posts. They could also view the blog on iPad.

Here's a list of Drupal's top 10 websites.

Entertainment Weekly





Le Figaro


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