Codeigniter companies in Bulgaria

There are numerous rapid development frameworks spread across the web and ready to handle the complex needs of today’s web application development requirements. Hiring a CodeIgniter developer is an ideal solution. Experienced CodeIgniter developers can develop your website as per the trend by using the cutting edge tools and technological advancements. Here we discuss some of the top developers of Codeigniter.

Codeigniter is a PHP framework which is used to create websites or other web products.CodeIgniter aims to provide simplified solutions to the complex coding problems when creating a new web application. It is the second most popular web framework among PHP developers. This framework mainly based on MVC structure. It is user-friendly which help developers to create a dynamic, secure and effective web applications in a short time.

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework for small and medium scale web applications development. It has a very rich set of functionality, which will increase the speed of website development work. Some of the features when your choose CodeIgniter hosting services are as follows

It is reliable and lightweight.

It is compatible with almost all platforms, Operating systems and web servers.

It offers hassle-free migration from server to server and easy customization and configuration of files.

This framework helps the programmer to create web application in a secured manner.

It makes much easier for Flexible URI Routing.

It has a Large library of "helper" functions.

Programmers can create web applications with additional features and high-end functionalities by using in-built resource and libraries of the CodeIgniter.

Programmers use CI because of Fast development, It creates both front-end and rear-end of a web-application secure and fast manner.

whenever a request comes to CodeIgniter, it will first go to the index.php page. Routing decides whether to pass the request for Caching or to pass the request for Security check. If the requested page is already in Caching, then Routing will sanction the request and the response will go back to the user. In case the request page does not exist in the Caching, then Routing will sanction the requested page for Security checks. 

Before passing the request to the Application Controller, the Security of the submitted data is checked. After the Security check is done, the Application Controller loads all the necessary Models, Libraries, Helpers, Plugins and Scripts and pass it onto View. The View will provide the page with available data and pass that on for Caching, to process this page quickly for future requests.

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