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Big data is a collection of datasets that are large and complex and is difficult to process and store using available database management tools. It includes capturing, curating, storing, searching, sharing, transferring, analyzing and visualization of data. If this data becomes impossible for a single machine store and process then such data is called big data.

Bigdata involves a huge amount of data and there are some aspects to consider it.Volume of the data generated, its variety and velocity at which it is created. To make the process more simple Apache Hadoop Software library framework uses simple models of programming that divides the data into clusters that are easily analysed.

Big data are of two types:

1.structured: The data stored in a fixed format is called the structured data. Thus it can be processed easily. The structured query language is used to manage such kind of data. Relational database management system is a structured data.

2.semi structured: It is a type of data which does not have a formal structure of data model. It has some organizational properties like tags and other markers to separate semantic elements that make it easier to analyze.

3.unstructured: The data which cannot be stored in RDBMS and cannot be analyzed unless it is transformed into a structured format is called as unstructured data. Images, audios and videos are unstructured data.

Bigdata is used in many of the applications today. Here are some of them.


American Express

General electric





N-iX is a provider of software development outsourcing services with more than 700 expert engineers. It partners with technology businesses globally to create innovative products and help companies implement technology transformations.

ElifTech is a young, ambitious and trusted global technology service company that designs, builds and implements effective software technology solutions, fulfilling the needs of customers’ businesses. It covers all aspects of software product development using the latest technologies and frameworks.

SourceX is a leading provider of OSS/BSS Solutions, Enterprise IT and End-to-End Outsourcing. It has service experience from Product Development, System Modernization, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and SDN/NFV.

Itera Research is a popular company focused on IoT projects such as SmartCity and SmartBuilding solutions, e-Learning/LMS , Social networks ( TeamOutLoud is a corporate network which is currently used by The Ritz Carlton, Corinthia, Intercontinental, Sheraton hotels chain)

Infopulse, part of Nordic IT group EVRY A/S, is an international vendor of services in the areas of Software R&D, Application Management, IT Operations, and Information Security to SMEs and Fortune 100 companies across the globe. Founded in 1991, the company employs over 1,600 specialists and is represented in 8 countries.

Sigma Software provides top-quality software development, graphic design, testing, and support services. Systems deliver benefit to customers in automotive, telecommunications, aviation, advertising, gaming industry, banking, real estate, and healthcare.

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