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Choosing the best mobile app development companies can be a tough task for many business owners. The reason is simple as there are already millions of mobile app development agencies which make it difficult for them to take a precise decision. We have listed here some of the top mobile app development companies that can help you to achieve your goal.

The growth of mobile phone market has generated a huge demand for various mobile applications. Numerous mobile phone applications are available that simplify various tasks for the users. Mobile apps are of three types.

Native apps

A native mobile application is simply a piece of software for smartphones and tablets. Native applications are built specifically for each mobile platform and installed on the device itself. Each native mobile app only works on the platform for which it was built. Native apps are fast, provide better user experience and interface and have access to all device features for which it is built.

Web app

A mobile web application is a web application formatted for use on a smartphone or tablet and accessed through the device’s web browser. Since mobile web applications are accessed through the browser without requiring installation on each device, they are platform independent. Web applications are served from a central location and accessed through a web browser. 

Hybrid app

A hybrid app combines elements of both native and web applications. A hybrid app is a webpage built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Hybrid mobile applications leverage Apache Cordova, a platform that provides a consistent set of JavaScript APIs to access device capabilities through plug-ins, which are built with native code.

At the time of building mobile app architecture, you need to check few considerations. Determine the device types like screen size, CPU characteristics, resolution (DPI), storage space and memory, and development tool environment availability. The app should be available even if there is no connectivity. Design your caching, data access mechanism, and state management in intermittent connectivity. Keep your user Interface as simple as possible. Understand the customers and the app requirement and according chose the navigation method.

App designing includes three different layers.

Presentation layer

This layer comprises UI Components and UI Process Components (Views and Controllers). This layer is primarily focused on deciding the features and their location. However, the team also decides other aspects like the theme, font size etc.

Business Layer

This includes workflows, business components, and entities beneath the hood of two sub-layers named Service and Domain model layer. service layer focuses on defining a common set of application functions and the domain model layer represents expertise and knowledge linked to the specific problem domain.

Data Layer

This includes Data access components, data helpers/utilities, and service agents. The three components sit under the two layers, the persistence layer and Network layer. The persistence layer provides simplified access to data, which can be stored in a persistent storage or backend, the network is responsible for networking calls.

Choosing the right path is a challenging task for the business. We have a list of companies which stands top in mobile app development. After considering certain conditions such as its experience in the specific field, reputation, portfolio, and the client's feedback the companies are chosen. please visit the following for more details.

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